Let’s bring more bicycles to our cities. Due to rising urbanization and the continued growth of automobile culture, safe and easy solutions for cyclists are needed. As an Agency, our main goal is to get more people to ride and love bicycles.

We are experienced in developing sustainable bike mobility strategies, as well as offering services for various project goals, sizes and budgets.

For us, cycling should be seen as a positive, daily mode of transport and we can help your company or community get the message across by developing communication strategies and concepts. We can pass our passion on to your employees with tailor-made coaching and development packages – because less stress, better sleep, less pollution and many more health benefits are just a few reasons to make bike riding more widely available.

Claudia Zerries

Project Manager
As a trained photographer advancing into studying Cultural Management and founding a pro cycling online magazine on the side, Claudia never veered too far away from her love for the bike.
As a minimalist, her mindset translates in her daily choice of bike: a very functional single speed men’s frame with a big basket up front.

Bicycle photo kindly provided by Nic Grobler
Portraits by Thomas Damm

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